Reflection Paper On Vark Style

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Reflection paper

I am going to use the VAK style by watching everything on videos or on the computer so that I could understand it better and I would ask the instructor to show it in an example instead of just talking about what he/she is teaching. That way I would be able to understand it better and not be so confused. I would also use this style to identify and maximize my educational experience by what is being introduced to me. I’m also going to use the multiple intelligences style by asking a lot of questions to things I do not understand so that I can get all the intelligence answers that will help me go a long way in my education without any problems. the discovery wheel is the other style that I would use in my future classes so that I can become the kind of student I when I have mastered all of my goals and overcome the barriers that stand in my way when I know that I have good reading styles and taking notes better ,I know that I have a good memory ,time management ,and a good attitude about the outcome of everything that comes my way. I have learned everything I have just stated and I plan on using these styles in all of my future classes.

Note taking
The three parts to note taking are as follows observing,recording,reviewing.1.observing :is an event this can be a statement by an teacher ,directions , or a chapter of required reading .your observations determine what you record.2.recording is when you record your observations of that event .that is you “take notes”. What you record determines what you finally you review what you have recorded. You memorize, reflect, apply and rehearse what you’re learning.
I preferred the observing cause I feel more comfortable watching things be performed instead of just listening to someone talking about it because I feel that I do not learn that way and I am more confused that way. I also feel that I take more in cause of me being a hands on kind of person I feel that watching gives me a chance to try it out myself like drawing graphs myself and my way than I can understand them better. Test taking: before 1. I would schedule reviews like five days before the test I would sit down and review every chapter for that unit so that I understand every key point in that chapter . 2. Do a major review like a week or so before the tests or my finals that way I can deepen my understanding and the effectiveness of my review will help me score high on my tests. 2. During : while taking a test I plan on answering each question In my head first by doing this step before I look at the possible answers so that way I will know if I had studied good and long enough or if I need to figure out another studying style. 2. Eli mate incorrect answers: I would read each answer and then cross off the ones that don’t answer the question right. I would also look for the keys