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Reflection Paper

Noel Shoup

Phoenix College

Summary of the Experience
My friend Jan and I decided to go to a café in Beverly Hills to explore different cars used by celebrities. The two of us were wondering why celebrities use expensive cars and is this need just with local celebrities or with all celebrities around the globe. As we walked we chatted till we got to a café and decided to grab a bite to eat with chairs just across from each other. My friend seemed intoxicated by the different luxurious cars used by celebrities and started to fantasize having them despite us being in college and without any tangible job or source of income. My friend became emotional when I told her to relax and focus to achieve our goals because a car that performs now is worth it versus losing focus over something she cannot have. i.e. Whether a car costs $20M and another costs $5,000, they all perform the same duty, and told her we should not be carried away by non-issues that will not help us in anyway. My friend became more confused because she started to actualize her dream without proper plans of achievement at the end of the day.
Review of Theories and Concepts
There are several theories that relate to what people learn by experience such as experimental theories. For the purposes of this paper, the theory of experimental learning by will be evaluated in the best way possible. Kolb is one of the finest scholars around the globe and has best demonstrated experiential learning using different methods and concepts. Kolb’s learning model is best explained in four different approaches which include concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. According to Kolb, for an effective learning process, learners must be willing and seek to have an active role in a given situation because their learning will be purely based on a given experience in their life. He adds that for such a step to be actualized, experience alone cannot solve or enhance the learning process but the ability to reflect on the given situation is of great importance. The reflective ability on a given experience relies on different qualities of the learner because they must possess great skills that will help them conceptualize the experience. In addition to skills that help in understanding concepts, leaners must be in a position to make clear decisions and solve problems based on concepts and ideas gained from a given experience. This is an indication that experimental learning is a four circle learning style that should be adopted by all learners around the globe.
Application of Theories
You must learn from an experience, and this is true in my above interaction with my friend. From the interaction with my friend, I learned several things about young people, and how they have misplaced priorities in their lives. The decision to go and explore cars used by celebrities was to help in understanding their motives behind their actions and not get carried away by the luxurious cars they drive. The theory of experimental learning in this case applies. Because of the great analytical skills I had to understand that my friend has misplaced priorities and wants to start driving big luxurious cars without even putting plans in place for a better future. I have learned that, to fully understand our experience, like my friend fantasizing about big cars, I was able to help solve fallacy through my great decision making and problem solving skills.
Reflecting on the reason behind our motive to visit a cafe, the big concern is that we will not even be able to achieve our goal, because it was simply to evaluate. This we failed when