Reflection Paper on Death and the Power of God

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Introduction Throughout the Introduction to Theology class we have covered a wide variety of topics. Today, we live in such a fast paced society that things often get overlooked. I will be discussing a few topics which I feel are important topics today. One of my topics is something that most of the people I know fear, death. Another important topic that will be discussed is the power of God.
One of the greatest fears that most people have in their lives is death. I wonder why this is so? Do people mostly fear the way that they will die? Do they feel as if they haven’t accomplished everything they have wanted to in their life? I feel these things attribute to the fear that people have with death. There are several
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It is hardly capable for me to even fathom this event. I know that it happened but still just the thought of this is overwhelming. Not only is God powerful physically, he is also powerful when it comes to the mental and emotional needs of his people. The greatest example that I have has to do with my local church. Around ten years ago our church had a private school as part of the church’s ministry. This ministry was growing and needed a new facility to have adequate space for its students. The church ended up taking on a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar loan for this building. The relationship at this time was still pleasant with the church and the leaders of the school. Several years passed and these relationships began to dwindle. This put the church in a tough position. The leadership at the school decided to close up doors after the spring term. This blindsided our church and we had to find a way to cover this debt. Without the power of God placing a new tenant into that building our church might have had to close its doors. We all prayed for months for an answer, and God provided it to us. Now our loan payments are on time and the stress level concerning this problem has subsided. God’s power also has a strong emotional attachment to it. God had to send his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Can you imagine the toll that took on him to send his only son to die for everybody’s sins? I couldn’t imagine the