Case Study Through Open Universities Australia

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When I was looking into studying through Open Universities Australia, I hoped online and was chatting with a consultant from the Help Desk and I asked a few questions about study Human Resource Management through their university. Next minute, I knew we were in the process of enrolling to become a student in the next study period. The process of enrolling took an hour. I remember sitting their after I have finished all the documentation thinking “What have I just gotten myself into, I have 3 kids under age of 5 and have a household to manage” I then phoned my husband to tell him that I have signed up to start studying in May, he was more then supportive and reassured me that I can do it.

The last couple of weeks have been challenging, trying to manage a household and studying. My emotions have been very mixed; I have felt excited, stressed and nervous and my thoughts have been confused, self-doubting and failure. To overcome my thoughts and emotions I have to set myself a goal for what I want to achieve that day. I prioritize my day with the highest to the lowest priorities. I start off with my 3 hour study session, then continue with housework and family time. I know I am going to have days that don’t go to plan, but I just have to take each day as it comes.

The next 10 weeks will definitely be a great learning experience for me, as I haven’t study for 9 years. I truly feel that completing SSK19 Learning to Learn in Business is going to boost my confidence in…