Reflection: Race and Able Bodied Person Essay

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IAT Test Results Assignment

I completed two different Implicit Association tests at the given Harvard website. The first that I did was titled Race which my result was that I showed a slight preference for European Americans over African Americans. I don’t completely agree with this result. I have always felt that I am open-minded and that I didn’t really prefer anyone from one specific race over another. I would say that I grew up in a very diverse area and don’t feel that these results are entirely correct or valid about me but I do realize that my entire family was white growing up and that I could feel a certain preference for them over African Americans in my subconscious. The second test I took was Disability and the results for that were that I showed a strong preference for able bodied people compared to disabled people. I also learned that about 33 percent of people have the same preference for able bodied over disabled and that only 1 percent preferred disabled over able bodied. Also similar results were shown for the Race test as well. In my opinion any kind of prejudice would be difficult to measure because there are so many factors that must be considered about each individual. I would think that families that were raised by a specific race only, or that were raised by an able bodied person or people than that might be a cause for a slight preference towards one compared to the other. Also, you must consider if maybe someone has a bad experience with