Reflection: Slang and Social Media Essay

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I work as a substitute teacher for grades k-12. I usually work more with seventh grade or junior high most of the time. In addition, to being a mother of a teenager (have not any words used yet, I’m sure she is not innocent), teenage nieces and nephews, often hear some of the words used majority of the time especially in schools. Hypothetically speaking people often speak generalized language somehow the use of slang words I feel slang words are used in a shorter term and has become more common between friends, groups, social media (face book and twitter) from what I have seen. Another use for slang words can be generally a fun way others communicate with one another or getting straight to the point. Although others have a language heard or used of their own, I will say some slang words can be cruel and offensive, however, the words listed are those of which I heard before and now are commonly used in social media, environments and sometimes teenagers.

Lame- a term used for a person who is not popular or cool and plain boring. I will use this word in a slang dictionary on one account, a date that went totally wrong.

Straight 8- a term meaning someone is good or okay. I remember my neighbor son was in a fight that left him severely bruised and limping, I saw him trying to come down the porch stairs so as a good neighbor offered my assistance his response, naw I’m straight 8. Not to be funny, I will use this word consciously on the inside and will say I’m okay even if I don’t look it on the outside.

Crib- a term meaning used when a person indicate their home. I really hear this word most of the time from my brother and his friends especially if one of them asks, Question: where are you? Answer: I’m at the crib

Peeps- a term used to describe a best friend or someone very close to you. I see this word more on social media between friends speaking or saying hi to their peeps.

Ace- a term used to describe your main best