Reflection: Thought and Proper Way Essay

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My favorite topic of this month was Pet Peeve. What I liked most about this topic is how we could analyze our different points of views, opinions, to read my classmates points of views and how each and everyone expresses themselves and their thoughts. One thing I learned this month is how can we be creative on many different ways and aspects. How to express in the correct way, having a correct grammar, analyzing points of views and brainstorming. Now I can use my words in a proper way so in the future it gives me the courage to write and express myself without thinking if my thoughts are right or wrong. I learned to be more creative, to be motivated to write and express myself as a person. I also learned how to make professional emails and expand my thoughts even though I wrote a lot, but it's better to have more ideas, different points of views and comparing opinions with the classmates. Sitting down and making time for writing in different methods, doing my work on time with patience. This helps me in the future, allowing me to work on my time that I take to sit down and analyzing everything. Just making sure its done correctly and learning more from your criteria so I can be a better writer. This month I discovered that the program of EBSCO is a helpful resource to show us and have ideas to make a professional and better essay so in the future it helps us. This course made me feel confident on how I express myself, being free to write what I feel, having the courage to