Essay Reflection: Ultraviolet and Sun Exposure

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It’s undeniable that this year has been one of the hottest as we all have walked to class in t-shirts sweating in the middle of October/November. As our temperatures grow hotter- sun exposure is unavoidable. I chose the topic of UV light and prevention for my presentation because I wanted a topic that not just related to something we learned in class about sustainability but something everyone could take away with them that was beneficial.
The biggest process of this project for me was trying to fit everything I wanted to say into 10 minutes. There really is so much more information that is useful but there just isn’t enough time to get it all out. In addition to the process of this presentation I felt like it was important to find the most reliable, trusting sources, with the most up to date information on them if I wanted to put an emphasis on the seriousness of the issue. I learned a lot from doing this project. Honestly, more than I expected. I did not realize how many things are sold to use on the market as sun protectants are mislabeled and misleading. I write this in regards to sunscreens, sunglasses, clothing, and hats that I mention/mentioned in my presentation. I felt some guilt along the way as well after I realized the sunscreen I used on my son this past summer was close to useless and really did nothing at all. It was an eye opener to me to pay closer attention to the fine print and do more research before just assuming labels on products are as they say