Reflection Week 5 Essay

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Reflection Week 5
May 28, 2015
Sean Bowe, Josh Connor, Soonseeahraye Kemp, Kristan McWhorter
Mr. Greene

This week we learned and discussed diversity in the workplace. As a team 3 out of 4 of us work we all have a workplace that has diversity in it. This subject can be touchy to some because of the overall meaning on diversity and how some workplaces don’t care about it or how some workplaces plan their goals on it. Diversity can be age, race, gender, religion, tenure, etc and it is the manager’s job to make sure their team is as diverse as possible. There are three levels of diversity and they are surface level, deep level, and management level. Our team discussed that having meetings or training can help a company stay on top of what diversity means and to make sure they have it. One member of the team works with a diverse group of 5 counting herself and they get along well and work well as a team but that might not always happen.
We also learned after doing some research online there are many different methods and steps but one five step process really stood out to us. The first step was to emphasize communication meaning to go over the policies the company has ensure that all employees know the the safety procedures the rules around the equipment by using pictures and symbols that everyone can understand. Next is to view employees as individuals this avoids the stereo types of just because they hang with a certain group of people at work doesn’t mean that behave like them. Also encourage employees to work in diverse groups so they can expand as a person