Reflection: Writing and Articles Essay

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Allen 1 Stephene Allen

Professor Veselis

English 1301

23 March 2015

Reflection on An analysis of two articles on the
Final Moments of King Richard III

Part 2

There are countless ways one can learn from their own writing through

revising their own paper. I believe I have improved on my writing by revision. A

good example that I can reflect on is my paper on An Analysis of Two Articles on The

Final Moments of King Richard III. One can see where there needs to be more

attention on making clear points by using increased examples to help one

understand as well as using more distinctive words. In my analysis, on the two

articles on The Final Moments of King Richard III one could see how unclear the

points were as well as how disorganized the paper was. If the paper had been

proofread several times, I would have been able to catch how unclear the points

were and how disorganized the paper was originally.

There were a few steps used when the revising was being done. The first step

was reading and rereading the two articles as well as the paper that I had written.

The second step was going over the notes written in the margins that I had written

as well as the notes left by the instructor. The third step was to go back over the

chapters in the book, Writing about Writing a College Reader. After going over the

two articles, the paper that was written, the notes, the instructors notes, and the

Allen 2

chapters in the book, I was no longer disappointed about the grade that I had

received on the paper because now there was an understanding of what had to be

done for the paper to improve. The points needed more detail, but when providing

the details they needed to be kept together and organized to help the paper flow

with organization. When revising a paper, it is always easier to write the paper first, then type

the paper. When writing instead of typing, words or sentences can be crossed out

with continued writing, instead of deleting and retyping. Also arrows could be used

to move sentences to another part of the paragraph, unlike when one is typing a

paper one has to delete or cut and paste. While revising my paper it took me a few

days to write the paper due to taking many breaks. The reason many breaks were

taken was to be able to clear my head so I could get my words together and to keep

the paper organized. Once I had clear thoughts, I was able to go back to writing. If a

break was not taken I would just start writing the first thing that would come to my

head. My revision would have been just like the first draft, several words cluttered

together. Also, not everything I write is revised. My own personal writings are not

revised because those writings are for me personally and not for anyone else to see.

The only writings that I have been written and revised are academic writings. Immediately upon writing my paper I was unsure who my audience was. I

did not know how I was going to inform this audience on what I was trying to

convey. As I started to write I realized the audience always has to be considered.

Then that is when I seen that my audience is anyone who is interested in learning

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what I have to say. With my audience I always try to picture myself actually teaching

or informing someone than writing for my instructors. On the other hand, my

audience is my instructors. I want to impress my instructors on what I have learned

and how I can explain in writing what I have accomplished. Also, there is a

small part of me that writes