Essay on Reflection on Care Skills

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Reflection on my personal effectiveness as a care worker

• My communication skills

• My caring Skills

• My strengths and weakness

My communication skills;

Communication is the process of sending and receiving verbal and non-verbal messages, which involves exchange of information, feelings, needs and preferences.

Communication consists of,

Verbal skills: The tone, volume and the words we use.

Non-verbal: Your body Language, facial expressions, touch and personal space.

Active listening: To switch off all thoughts in your head and shut out all distractions so that you can understand what is been said through verbal and body language.

I feel good communication skills are vital for working in
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You will then demonstrate your communication skills in both one-to-one and group situations.
This unit has links with Unit 2 (Individual needs in health and social care), Unit 5 (Vocational experience) and Unit 6 (Cultural diversity) as it will develop your understanding of ways to adapt your communication to meet the individual needs of people using health or care services.

In this topic you will learn about why we communicate, why good communication skills are so important within a health and social care environment and the different contexts for communication. We communicate with others all the time, wherever we may be, often without even realising it and sometimes without intending to. This topic and the following topic will help you explore different forms of communication.
Interpersonal skills are those skills that enable us to interact with another person, allowing us to communicate successfully with them.
Good communication skills are vital for those working in health and social care as they help them to:
• develop positive relationships with people using services and their families and friends, so they can understand and meet their needs
• develop positive relationships with work colleagues and other professionals • share information with people using the services, by providing and receiving information
• report on the work they do with people.
One-to-one communication
One-to-one means one person