Essay on Reflection on Machiavelli

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Machiavelli was born on May 3, 1469 in Florence, Italy. Florence was considered one of the most dominant Italian power to conquer. It was the main attraction for the renaissance's influences. Throughout the years, Machiavelli's presence was around the time that both the French and Spanish armies were fighting over the control of Italy. During this time, Italy was falling apart because it was deficient in leadership. Machiavelli served 14 years as Chancellor of Florence before he was exiled in 1513. The Republic had fallen and the Medicis returned in power. While in exile, Machiavelli knew the world was changing and becoming more chaotic; he wrote the book The Prince. The Prince was written to emphasize his thoughts that Italy was on …show more content…
That is displayed in international affairs. There are spies, dishonesty, disloyalty, and ruthless behavior that is described in the words of Machiavelli. It just goes to show the significance of how much truth Machiavelli's The Prince holds. He's the whole image of a leader basing the necessary to achieve goals, to accept frauds, force, and ruthless behavior. To accept all this because it is the need for the country's goodness, order, and stability. It is clear that more politicians are considered the infamous saying "Machiavellian." The world does seem to behave to Machiavelli's desired hope. Yet Machiavelli's life was during the hardships of crisis changes. Italy was in the pitfall

and it was a period of violence. I believe it is best understanding that Machiavelli's words were

to show a piece of his world, and that his critiques of ruling were to rid of chaos and danger. He

simply wanted to speak out his thoughts of politics, morality, and human nature. They all collide

in ruling. Machiavelli's words are a warning. Although, it has been long ago of such period and

we live in a different era Machiavelli's ideas cannot be avoided because we just decide it can‘t

be true. He takes a part of politics that existed in Italy in the 16th century, and still exists today.

Machiavelli is not be denied or rejected, but confronted because the fact is, his ideas still gives

power centuries after being