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Reflective Paper
EDUC 200
October 27, 2012

I am so excited to begin this course and learn what I can about education and teaching. After watching the video I can totally understand why teachers get so burned out and tired. Teaching takes a time, patience and prayers. We have to be able to have sufficient time management and organizational skills. Teachers have so much to do in such little time. There are two main reasons teachers have complaints about and they are they never have enough time and they are always tired. Throughout a school day a teacher has planning which can be used to our benefit. It is hard to get everything done in 30 minutes. Teachers are always tired because they get overwhelmed and stay up late grading papers. In the video he discussed different effective survival skills for teachers. One skill that can help teachers is getting organized. When a teacher is organized they will feel less overwhelmed without too much chaos. Another skill in the video was setting different procedures in the classroom. For example, having your students grade their own papers or have them trade their papers with another classmate. One way of doing this is to have each student pass their paper behind them and so on until everyone has someone else’s paper. The first year is the hardest be one thing that will help is always be consistent. A teacher should always have a smile on their face and be happy even if they are not. It is good to fake it when you are feeling mad or grumpy. Being moody can change the dynamics of a classroom. Moodiness will bring an unpleasant atmosphere and students won’t want to learn. One good way to start off a year is to get to know your students. You can pass out papers they can fill out all about themselves and share with the class. I think it is great when the students learn about