Reflective Account 3: Blood Glucose Monitoring

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Reflective Account 3 : Blood glucose monitoring


During my placement I was asked by my mentor to perform a blood glucose reading . The patient was a 78 years old gentleman Mr P with diabetes type 2. I have introduce my self , check the patient identity and ask for permission to perform the blood glucose reading and explain the procedure prior insulin administration and obtain a valid consent. I have washed my hands and put on gloves ; Mr P refused to washed his hands saying that he washed his hands before my arrival. Although he refuse to wash his hands I have carry out with the procedure . The patient was already sitting in a sofa. I used a single -used lancet for piecing the finger, insert a testing strip into the meter and the first blood drop directly into the strip. The result could be read from the meter display ; I have dispose the lancet and testing strip in the sharp container ( Dougherty & Lister 2015). On the puncture site I have put a gauze and at the end of the procedure I have removed my gloved , disposed as clinical waste and performed again the hand washing. The result was 12.8 mmol/L was not only recorded as required but reported to my mentor(NMC 2015).

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In the same time I was aware about his right to refuse any procedure if he does not want so.