Reflective Account: District Nurse Caring for Miss A Essay

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Reflective account

Miss A is a 90 years old lady who recently suffered a fall within her home and was admitted to hospital with a fractured hip. Miss A was discharged from hospital back home with the care of District Nurse visiting her once per week. I am at Miss A for her morning visit, she has a key-code, so I take the key and afer entering in house I put my gloves and apron, I open the curtains then proceed to the bedroom to wake Miss A up becouse she still asleep at my arrival. Before to assist out of bed, I ask her how she feel in this morning and if she sleep well last night, after a bit chat, I help her to get up from bed, put onto commode and transfer Miss A to bathroom, I give her privacy and while she using the toilet I go back in bedroom to make her bed and prepare clean clothes ready to take to the bathroom. Miss A finished with toilet and she call me to go back in, while sitting down I undress her and start with her personal care - full body wash and dry, I apply cream (with prescription of doctor), put some talc powder and at final deodorant under arms. After changing my gloves and apron I pass her teeth to put in, put a fresh pad on, then get Miss A dressed and brush her hair. Assist into lounge using her walking frame to the chair, make her comfortable sitting down, I put her glasses, hearing aids and community alarm at neck, then turn TV on, while she is watching at TV, I change my gloves and my apron and then I start