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Chris O'Neill
EWRT 211
Reflective Essay
November 25, 2013
Reflective Essay When the semester first began, I was unsure if EWRT 211 was going to be like any other English classes I've taken in the past. I could safely say that, this class was nothing like I've experienced before. For our first assignment, we were told to write a detailed analysis and our understanding of the authors message. I was introduced to citing quotes and writing page numbers and immediately started to make it a habit. The next new idea that was introduced to me was writing concert specific details. For example, in high school I gave very broad examples and rarely gave my nouns a name. I struggled to get used to this new writing style. After writing a couple essays in this class I've learned from my mistakes of not giving enough specific details. Ive tried to improve my writing with better structure and techniques. Therefore, I feel I am prepared for EWRT 1A because I have established to write a structured essay with a strong thesis with specific examples with a common theme. In the first in class essay the writing style had been extremely close too what I had been used too. It wasn't until my second in class essay,"New ways to Defuse Violence", that I learned the importance of structure of the essay. This essay required us to compare and contrast between two different articles and give a detailed analyze of them. This way of writing was foreign to me because no one had ever asked me to do this. Writing a four paragraph essay instead of a three or five threw me off as well. I began to understand what needed to go in each paragraph. For example, while taking notes in class I've learned that you start with your introductory with your thesis sentence, then two body paragraphs with examples and finally a conclusion paragraph. With this I have learned that the essay structure you write all the depends on what content you have. In my first typed essay, "The Advancement of Social Media", I was told to write a well thought out essay about three different essays in relation to social media. I was also told I had to write three different personal examples for each of these essays. While writing this essay I tried to use examples in