Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay
Amanda Williams
September 29, 2014
Nicolette Hamilton
Reflective Essay
A health care policy is crucial for the industry. This will allow the industry to make changes that may be necessary for the benefit of the consumer. The first step in the policy making process is to figure out what the policy is going to be and what it is going to cover. As an example, a health care policy would be the creation of more employment opportunities for health care professionals. This would involve creating more facilities in rural areas.
After the policy has been formulated it is time to start the implementation process. At this time the policy is sent to the appropriate division within the Health and Human Services. “The US government’s principal agency for implementing many of the health laws is the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)” (Shi, 2014 pg. 39). In this division the rules and regulations are made on how the policy will be enforced. For example, if each state is required to report the number of facilities, the requirement will be made to do so. The implementation stage of the process is putting the policy into action. During this stage stakeholders have responsibilities as well. Stakeholders would consist of the government that provides the funding for the policy, the individual states will ensure the policy is enforced, and facilities or organizations using the funds to expand.
The failure or success of a policy is