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Night by Elie Wiesel
The book Night affected me because I could not imagine going through something as devastating as the holocaust or a war and knowing that I could die at any second. Night to me was very scary and powerful and at some points in the book it made me feel like it was happening right at that moment while I was reading. It was also hard for me to think about what was happening and what they did to the Jews that did not obey and even the ones that had passed on. When a man told him that it was better to hang yourself than to be there working for the Germans, I could not imagine how cruel and terrible that place was “You should have hanged yourselves rather than come here” (Wiesel 30). The element is different from my life because first I have never experienced and I think I ever will experience something as cruel and horrifying as the holocaust. The events in the book were very unimaginable for someone like me who has not experienced anything even close to the events in that time period. I have never experienced someone starving me to death, beaten me, or even people being so mean and rude to someone to the point to where I want to kill myself before they can get to me. The book night is also different from my life because, I don’t have to see people getting buried dozens at a time. Also I don’t have to watch people get tortured until they are to found of bad use and then watch them get tortured even more until they end up dying and then buried with the rest