A Formed Journal On My Class Records And My Journals

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Week 1
This is a shot journal about my class records and my thoughts.
Monday Class: Orientation This was my first time to meet my new classmates and tutors. On that day, we began our orientation at 8:30 am, and we all dressed corporate attire look professional. We met our future trainers, and then they gave us a brief introduction of the PYP course and told us what the rules we have to obey are: we should be professional in the future, so from now on we need to self-management, such as arriving at class on time and 100% attendance. And later we had a break of morning tea and beverage, our officer Barbara encouraged us to stand up and talk to our new classmates that time, soon we found our interests on each other. Before Margeaux showed us around of building, our internships manager Maria gave a brilliant presentation about our internships. In the end, we had a short test of evaluation of accounting knowledge. Frankly speaking, I did badly on this test which reminds me I should keep focus on my professional knowledge and skills.

Tuesday Class: (Jeff)
Today, our trainer Jeff taught us some useful things. Firstly, he told us the importance of the safety and the security in workplace. This is important because we have to know the basic knowledge that how to escape from the building in case the fire happened. We need to clean the safety passageway and listen to the alarm, then escape one by one. Secondly, we practised the short conversation with each other, like the first time to meet some important person in workplace, how to shake hands in good manners and how to start a conversation to introduce you then get into the main topic. Thirdly, we discussed our career anchors and objectives. I have never thought much about my future plan before, this topic made me rethought what I really need and want in career in the future. It is good to make a career plan before get into job, making sure you really do what you enjoy in future work I think this is important.

Thursday Session: (Gail)
On Thursday, Gail gave us some interesting topics to get to know each other better. We wrote down our name, the most favourite food, family member, animal and living place in one paper. Then we stood in group and asked each other question.