Reflection On Student Service Hours

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Luis Navarrete
April 13, 2013
Professor Miller

Reflection Essay on Student Service Hours When I found out that we had to do volunteer work in a historical museum, I thought to myself, man this is going to be boring. On Thursday when I was heading over there I was ready to have a boring day. As soon as I got there and met Bill I quickly changed my view of how I thought the day was going to go. He was a veteran from the Korean War and he sure had many stories to tell. We enter to a long conversation were he told me that he had been a prisoner for 39 months and how he was treated there. To my surprise like around 10:20AM I got told that I was going to volunteer on the tour that Bill was going to give and that sure was fun. I learned of the Pacific WAR, The Vietnam War, The Korean War, WWI, and WWII. Now that was awesome, learning about things that I thought were not important and being there for quite a few hours made me realize how grateful and thanksgivings I should be for all the fatalities that suffered during those wars. Being there was an eye opener and wow! It did open my eyes and made me see things how they really are. I actually enjoyed being there and volunteering was the best part about it. If I was asked once again if I would go and volunteer at the armed forces museum, without a doubt I would say yes. While I was on the tour there, the way that the museum is set up it’s actually set to almost make you feel like if you’re actually in the war. There