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As a result of this project, I learned that it is not always too easy to live well on a tight budget. I learned that to be able to live a good life, without worries about there not being enough money to pay the bills, I must have a very well- paying job. A lot of education would help me get that money. There were several trade- offs that i encountered in this project and I had to substitute many meals for some which were less expensive. I was surprised with the prices of everything but mostly of the prices of food and rent for the apartment. Besides all the sacrifices and all the surprises, there were great news. I actually came up with a surplus at the end of the month. The surplus wasn't much but i have thought of a good place that would go to. I have thought of opening a bank account to put in the surplus money into a savings account, that way it can be used later in life for any emergencies or any huge expenses for necessities. That would give that money a great use! Another way to use that money wisely is to accumulate that money into an account for donations. If I ever had a family, it would be too tough to live off $1200 or probably even impossible. Probably I could live off $1200 with a family but that would probably mean no more weekend movie, no more snacking, no fun activities, and the meals would probably have to be reduced in order to not use up the surplus. Most likely, a house would be necessary instead of an apartment. I believe that there