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Now with week one over there is a definite sense of relief for me. The first two days were very confusing for me, as the instructors just threw more and more into our schedule. Now that we have an outline and a path to our graduation it makes much more sense to me. After the four lenses exercise it helped me realize why the first two days were so confusing to me. Being a green/orange personality and coming into a class with a stack of boring papers that I had no idea what they really were was tough. I did find out that I am more of a style leader, I do focus more of the task portion of the this style of leadership but I really do like to get to know my people and try to keep up with what’s going on with them. I really hope that I can take everything I can from ALS and learn how to properly use it when I get back to my shop. The office I come from is a very relaxed office which I like but when it comes time to discipline people it just seems like the leadership tries to avoid it until it’s time for paper work. My current supervisor is a very active supervisor. He is constantly talking and asking young airmen how they are doing and trying to give them proper advice. Then when it comes to working he really likes to get the job done right, but not by doing the job himself but by giving his subordinates the tools and training it takes to get it done. This is the kind of supervisor I would like to be. When it comes to the way I understand the world around me I like to see and