Reflective Essay: A College Perfect For Me

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A College Perfect for Me
With the right college choice, I know I can be succuseful. Like others around me I have been preparing my whole life for a successful future as an adult. In this preparation for our future we all have to make wise and difficult decisions that may affect our whole future. These decisions include the type of college we would like to go to and the qualities that college campus offers for us to flourish. My research has brought me to decide WPI is the best fit for me out of any other college on my list due to the curriculum, activities, and teachers that work there. Researching information about WPI helped me learn that projects are at the core curriculum. Throughout my childhood I have learned mostly through lecture and sitting at a desk in different classrooms for seven hours a day learning something I may never use again. Having four terms which are each seven weeks long and require three courses is exactly what I need. A schedule like that helps someone adjust to the ever-changing world of technology and innovations. Learning fast pace suits me well because it leaves little to no time to forget what was learned.
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From visiting the first thing is saw is the stage in the Alden memorial building. The first question I asked a student is about theatre because I currently do crew at my school and would like to do it in the future. I also like to be busy, so upon learning that there are over 200 different clubs got me excited. In college I want to become involved and what a better way than joining a few of the 200 clubs. Finally, I heard that WPI defies the stereotypes of typical Greek life. Meaning it is not about partying but more about community service and leadership. I would join for the reason of gaining skills in leadership and community