Reflective Essay About My Writing

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I am ready to succeed in EWRT 1A. Throughout this quarter, EWRT 211 has taught me in many ways on how to improve my writing style and be a better writer. Like sports, you have to practice to get better, you have to start drowning in order to swim and that’s how I felt about starting this class. Writing is going to drown me, but the professor gave me hope. The essays I have chosen here are the ones that I have worked on and put a lot of ideas into it about the topic. These things I have learned have not only helped my writing style and improved me, but helped me realize how much my writing needs to be improved. There are still problems I have, but I can address these problems with more ease and fix them while proofreading and revising. In EWRT 211, initially, I was thinking it was only a class for international students, …show more content…
I still have trouble setting up my structure for it to move smoothly without any mistakes in grammar or sentence structure. I have been writing on my own about my thoughts and expression, but it seems to be in the same style before with problems everywhere. Writing isn’t a passion, but I would use it as a form of expression when I can’t express myself in any other way. Self expression I would see is important and try to mention it every here and there in my writing, talking about the different views of different people. There isn’t two sides to a situation, like this essay, it could mean a million different things to a million different people. As a writer, there I see there is no such thing as criticism on the idea, but to the style of expression. This class opened up comma splices that I couldn’t address before as well as avoiding naked pronouns. I believe grammar is important to give the reader a better understanding about the topic at hand. I am a journalism major who is joining the military to pursue a career in Aviation, but plan to document it and express my views and