Reflective Essay About Myself

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During the week of January 22, 2018 to January 26, 2018, i carried around a small journal and wrote down what i did throughout the day. Now, i did not write absolutely everything down. Just events that take up a good amount of my time throughout my day. For instance, i wrote down my class times, when i am on my phone, when i work, driving to places, etc. after, i calculated the times and change them to percentages to see what takes up most of my time.i did get to find out about a few things about myself that i never really thought of. I even found out about something interesting. But I did not like the results on what i spend my time on at all. As a result, i had made a few discoveries that have surprised me and things that i should change in order for me to like the way i spend my time. After i was finish with calculating my results one thing surprised me the most, i only spent 1.7% of my time doing school work outside of the classroom during the school week. All i did was study for my math quiz one night and did my online quiz for my history to rock and roll class. Could it be that i did not have many assignments due that week?. However, i should be doing more …show more content…
I spent 13.30% of my time at work, 5.8% taking a nap, and 5.75% on my phone. These should be lower so i would have more time doing school work and spending time with family. Yes, i do like having a nice paycheck. But, what is more important, work or school and family? To fix this i can ask for less hours at my workplace. Next, for my napping, i could go to bed earlier or just drink more coffee during the day. It nice once in awhile to take a nap but i should not be spending 5.8% of my time napping when i can be studying or spending time with family. Also, i should be on my phone less. Is it possible to do that? I am not sure. But, i would like to see if i can make that