Reflective Essay About Writing

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As my entries are finally put together in this portfolio, I have to say that my best paper/essay so far during my writing experience is my final narrative. My reasoning to this choice is because of the personal experience given in the writing, and what the actual wording represents in my life, that made it so much better for myself to write and it flowed much easier for me. I have always struggled with putting my words into formal writing but the narrative paper gave me a different view of what I thought about my writing assignments.
This course coming to an end has taught me so much about the different methods of writing we can use to explain or just use to express what you feel into some sort of writing. Some specific things I
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However, by creating this log I learned a variety of methods of writing, like the compare and contrast essay, the way it can be formatted into two different types of styles while it is being written. I included this essay for the fact that it was something completely new to me. I did know about the subject-by-subject pattern and the point-to-point pattern, learning about has gave me the courage to want to improve in these patterns. Each person has unique and different type of styles and forms of writing, which brings me to my opinion that there is no “perfect paper” in reality. Drafting my papers have helped me improve on areas I was not thinking about or didn’t even know I was struggling with such as grammatical errors or incomplete sentences. Careless mistakes can occur or will eventually happen at one point in everyone’s writing and can be caught when revising the draft or even reviewing the final paper. I think the portfolio is great for students. As I said before, I know writing is not my best subject, but by doing it I realized that there is more to learn and can always improve. My experience with it is that by the mistakes made on my drafts I can improve where I need to be. Without mistakes there is no form of