Reflective Essay: Analyzing My Writing Skills

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Analyzing My Writing Skills
Am I happy with the A I received on the reflection paper? Yes, but I am not satisfied. I have been a student in Composition 1 for four weeks now. I have come across many new techniques and grammar skills that have improved my writing. That being said, I still make mistakes and can further improve my writing. Based on my feedback from the reflection paper, I am able to identify my strengths and weaknesses along with educational resources to better my writing.
So far, my writing has been good enough to receive A’s. Therefore, I must have a few strengths. My strongest point has been the MLA format on my papers. After all, I have not been deducted any points from that section of the rubrics. I achieve this by keeping a document with the settings set for MLA and just the header and page number typed into it. All my papers are started from that document. The first paragraph is another place where I have
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Most of the points taken off my papers have been from poor word choices. For instance, I lost four points for using slang words such as things, guys, and get. My transitions between sentences and paragraphs could also be better. I was able to include more transitions in the reflection paper than the prelim paper, but I was still deducted points. Before this class, I really did not know how to use transitions. Now, I am working hard to understand when and where I should include them. Finally, my last weakness has been supporting my claims. Specifically, in the reflection paper, I stated that pop culture led to violence. The only evidence I included was the shooting at the gay night club. I also stated that pop culture has made smoking marijuana and drinking a cool thing to do. Again, I only had one example of this and it was a party I attended. Although those are my three biggest mistakes, I still make grammar mistakes and could use improvement in all facets of my