Reflective Essay: How To Improve My Writing

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I don’t believe we should strive for perfection; I believe we should strive for progress. Once we reach what is believed to be our perfection, we are left empty handed, as there is nothing left for us to learn. If we strive for progress, we are never left empty handed. There will always be more to learn and ways to continue our knowledge of writing.

Many writers wish to achieve perfection, personally? I wish to obtain the knowledge and experience to use in future essays in college and the rest of my high school career. There is much I wish to learn when it comes to writing; a few examples would include: the proper use of punctuation, the best way to approach a specific style of paper and how to improve my writing. My attendance in this class is established in the use of a prerequisite for Comp and to improve my punctuation. While writing my essays I enjoy working in silence without interruption, if the need of assistance arises I will simply ask.

Writing is a complicated process to learn, it takes many details to make
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It seems I can’t remember when to properly use a semi-colon, or simply end a sentence when it becomes too long. Writing has always been a struggle for me; although I enjoy it, it becomes an effort as it seems I never know where or how to start. Introductions are one of the few things I count as a strength. When writing my essays, I start with a topic sentence which ultimately helps keep the ideas flowing. The approach I use when writing is quite messy, I rack my brain for the perfect sentence for an answer to a question. From there I add sentences in a random order that best fits the style and topics. After the body is complete, I approach the introduction and conclusion. After the initial editing and rearranging of sentences I add a bit of fluff, just to sweeten it up a