Reflective Essay: My Decision To Play Softball

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“Hanna, you should play softball with me this year,” Grace said, excitedly. I looked up from the math worksheet we were supposed to be working on. I gave her a long funny look. “Why?,” I asked, furring my brows and going back to my work. “Because, you've played softball before, haven’t you? So, why don’t you start again this season,” my friend rambled on. I almost was about to contradict, wondering where she had got the idea I had played softball before. I shut my mouth before I was going to give myself away. I had told her that lie, to save myself from an awkward conversation about something I had no clue about. Until my 6th grade summer I never played a sport before. I had always wanted to play soccer when I was younger, but those …show more content…
“Umm,” I stuttered. “I’ll ask tonight?,” I said, reassuring her even though I had no contention of asking my parents when I got home later. … I had no idea on really how I ended up sitting on the bleachers of Washington Park listening to three men with beards talk about Babe Ruth Softball. I think it was the more I heard of the idea of joining softball the more I actually decided to considered it, as an option to do during summer break. I was trying hard to pay attention to the men as my parents were, but there long boring speeches and the foolish question parents asked kept me from listening. So, my eyes started drifting away and landed on the dirt softball field behind them, it was smaller than I expected. A piece of paper poked at my arm causing me to snap out of whatever I was thinking of. I took one sheet and passed the rest down to a lady with blue hair sitting right beside me. The sheet was titled, “ Babe Ruth Softball Registration Form”. My parents filled out the sheet out having clueless me check things as they went along. My best friend sat beside me, cheerfully chatting my ears off about how fun and great things were going to be this softball