Reflective Essay: My Writing Process

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At this point I would describe my writing process as well improved. I used to be horrible at writing, to be honest I hated to write. Now that I have really improved in my writing I do not mind to write, as long as I know what I am writing about. I do not love to write, but I do not hate it. To do my best writing I have to be in a quiet room, preferably by myself. Sometimes I struggle to come up with things to actually write. Listening to music usually helps me come up with writing ideas. Most of the time the materials and resources I need to begin writing until I am finished with process would be pencil, paper, laptop, and music. I usually get started by getting familiar with the topic. I research the topic on my laptop and take a few notes about it to help me through the writing process. …show more content…
I find the planning step of the writing process the most enjoyable because it has a lot to do with organizing and in this step it is where you start to brainstorm. I actually like to organize and in this step you basically create an outline of your paper. This is where you decide where the information will go in the paper. The drafting step of the writing process the most difficult because this is where you begin to write your paper. Sometimes it is challenging for me to start a paper even if I do have the plan/outline. The drafting step takes up the most time for me. I try to overcome this difficulty by creating a more detailed outline. Also I try to learn more about the topic if I am having difficulties writing the