Reflective Essay On Ap Macroeconomics

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2 months. That was the time frame I had to work with to prepare for the daunting challenge that was the AP Macroeconomics test. Now, this test was a unique challenge, and not because of the subject matter. What made this challenge unique was that it was the first time I would self study for a relatively difficult exam. The reason I needed to self study was that, unfortunately, my Macroeconomics teacher was brand new to teaching this subject, and didn't exactly know what she was doing. Despite her efforts, I just could not grasp the concepts. As a student, it infuriates me when I cannot understand something. Therefore, I did something insane: I challenged myself by signing up for the AP Macroeconomics exam. To add to the difficulty, I also needed to study for AP Government and AP World History, both of which are tough exams as well. To do well on the AP Macroeconomics test, I was going to push myself harder than ever before. First, to approach this problem, I needed all the prep I could acquire. I first bought a prep book: 5 Steps to a 5 : AP Macroeconomics. I perused this prep book, reading every single detail and doing nearly every practice problem. Moreover, I used the internet as a resource. I watched so many Macroeconomics video lectures on YouTube that my …show more content…
I discovered the importance of good study habits and the glorious fruits of hard work, and by developing good study habits, tests come easy to me. Additionally, I developed a passion for learning. For some, education is simply a means to a job, but for me, an education means about learning more about how the world works. Moreover, I discovered my love for teaching others. I am now dedicated to pursuing a graduate education, where hopefully I can teach others about whatever I major in (most likely aerospace engineering). All in all, I am glad I decided to challenge myself. Taking this test made me a better student, and also allowed me to discover