Reflective Essay On Autoethnography

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In the two months of being in English 101, I have written a total of six papers and one group essay. As I have progressed through this course, I feel as though my papers have increased in quality. However, certain papers are more difficult to write than others. A new form of writing was introduced to me in this course known as autoethnography. "An intriguing and promising qualitative method that offers a way of giving voice to personal experience for the purpose of extending sociological understanding,"(Wall 38). Personally, I found this method of writing intriguing and unlike any other I have come across. Through the act of writing these papers, I have managed to ascertain my strengths and weaknesses.
As I reflect back onto my papers, I
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For the topic, I chose to write about anxiety and how it affects my life. Personally, I found the topic of this essay exceedingly fascinating and useful considering I struggle with anxiety. There is a large majority of quotes and research added to support the topic. It is clear by looking at my paper that my writing has improved. The mistakes I made on this assignment were the citations, I wrote them in APA instead of the MLA format. Overall, the work itself was extremely well compared to my first essay.
Autoethnography was a new form of writing introduced to me in this course. At first I was eerie about the idea of autoethnography and having to write about my personal experiences. As I started writing the essays, I found that it is actually interesting and intriguing. Writing personal essays has always been a struggle for me as I can never seem to put my feelings into words. This task has significantly improved through writing autoethnography.
In the end, my writing has improved in quality as I progress through this course. This class has allowed me to demonstrate knowledge that will be considerably useful in future English classes. Often I overthink my papers which result in minor errors throughout my papers. However, I have improved since the beginning of the course and do not have as many errors. Autoethnography has been a new but riveting experience that has helped my learning abilities