Reflective Essay On Healthcare Informatics

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Reflection on the Healthcare Informatics and Information Systems In reference to the advances in the education for advanced nurses, are the doctor of nursing practice (DNP) essentials with information system and technologies evolve as the fundamental and the distinctive elements in the collection, execution, and appraisal of health information for health care delivery. Health information system also embraces a concept that support a high quality patient care through the use of data in making health decision (Topaz, 2013).The DNP essentials V11 are of important to the DNP students as it helps to prepare them to distinctly use information system to care and advance patient care. In addition, provide leadership in the clinical settings and academic settings ( ). Therefore, the following account for my experience in the healthcare informatics and information systems class. The eight weeks of the healthcare informatics and information systems class have enhanced my knowledge and skills on computer science, nursing science and information science. It also assists my ability in utilizing IT system such as the nextgen for patient care improves my capability to collaborate among other providers when dealing with patients with complex health issues …show more content…
In the class discussion, we dealt with different topics, discussions, and assignments that range from nursing information system and advanced nursing practice to technology informatics guiding education reform (TIGER). Although some of these topics were quite extensive, I was able to meet the course objectives. However, the class objectives for week 1 were to explore the computer technology issues in nursing informatics, explains NI from DNP nurses viewpoints, and to appraise the NI attributes of knowledge to advanced nursing practices. In addition, we discussed about standardized terminology, and the role of the nursing