Reflective Essay On Leadership

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Upon reflection, the ability to make an impact is how I would define leadership. I believe there are certain personality traits, skillsets and motivations that need to be present for effective leadership to take place. My experience has been paramount to me, redefining my definition of leadership. I have been extremely fortunate to have had opportunities to develop my leadership skills and be provided with opportunities to exhibit it as well. This has given me tremendous exposure to new opportunities and accelerated my growth as a leader.
During the process of completing the leadership portfolio, I have identified my leadership strengths as well as my development needs. I have used self-assessment and feedback from peers, prefects, mentors and supervisors to reflect upon my vision for the future and further identified areas that can be enhanced into making me a more versatile leader. My point of view for the role of leadership has changed from seeing it as being the authority to creating a team environment such that everyone is committed to the roles and tasks in order to meet the goal of success for the community together.
A variety of tasks and goals were required in this process to demonstrate leadership
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This means that I had to work hard to intimately understand my strengths and weaknesses, model ways in which my values are congruent with my behaviour, and develop a culture of respect for myself and for others on the service team, the school community and wider community. I was able to understand my limits and what I can reasonably accomplish in a finite period of time. Mrs Fitzgerald, the supervisor, has thoroughly assisted in the planning and ensuring I am on track for the Remembrance Day Ceremony and her assistance is also to be thankful