Reflective Essay On My Cultural Identity

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My cultural identity is a book. Throughout many chapters of my life, I had struggled to identify myself. However, my culture helped me to advance the characteristics that shape me into the person I am today. My cultural identity reflects on me trying to adjust myself to my race, cultural food, and music.
Race is a massive chunk of my cultural identity. I have been asked a countless amount of times for my race. Being biracial is complicated, having to adjust myself into being both, Mexican and African American, two races that are like apples and oranges. People that try to adapt to a multi-cultural can relate to Pat Mora’s poem, Legal Alien. “ Viewed my Anglos as, perhaps, exotic, perhaps inferior, definitely different, view by Mexicans as
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I am able to choose between having soul food or Mexican food for dinner. A typical soul food dinner my mother, who is African American, will make is fried chicken, greens, and rice. However, when my stepdad, who is Mexican American, is in the kitchen, he batches up some of his Carne Asada Taco. After all, they are some nights when my mother and stepdad will come together and combine both cultures, by making Mexican rice and pork chops. In numerous cultures, food has a big role likewise, a couple of young Indian girls from the memoir, By Any Other Name, by Santha Rama Rau. “ Premila and I were the only one who had Indian food- thin wheat chapatis, some vegetable curry, and a bottle of buttermilk.” Santha and her sister, Premila, had brought their common traditional food to school to keep a part of their culture with them.
With every culture, music plays a massive role. However, I have a wide range of races in my family, therefore, I listen to all types of genre. I listen to R&B, Hip Hop, and several more. Some of the artists that entertain me are; Beyonce, Kehlani, and Trippie Redd. Music is just part of who I am, without music I would not be me. In the interview, HAPA, between Kristen Lee and Lynn Nearly, Kristen Lee stated, ”I am a hip-hop- loving, piano-playing dancing diva.” Music is a piece of Kristen, she is passionate toward it. Discovering new music and artists advice