Reflective Essay On Occupational Therapy

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Reflection Essay

According to the American Occupational Therapy Association Standards of Performance, occupational therapy means the therapeutic use of occupation for the purposes of promoting health and wellness into those who are at risk for developing illness injuries or diseases. “The overarching goal is to support the health and participation in life to the engagement in occupation (AOTA,2010). During the past thirty-five years as a practicing occupational therapist, I have learned to appreciate the complexity of human nature and the individual need for human occupation. In my growth to an experienced therapist there is an appreciation for the individual desires and needs of each patient. In the present moment, there are situations that are challenging that require a unique ability to appreciate and freely receive the experience. In reflection of my career as an occupational therapist, there is an awareness of serendipity, the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.
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These challenges and experiences have taught me that the path less traveled may be the path of greatest reward. I feel that I have been extremely fortunate, and have found myself in places that I have never planned and in a course of events not expected.
Essentially, what I have learned goes well beyond that of the science of injury and rehabilitation, specifically what I have learned is the discovery of the art of living. The occupational therapy experience of participation has transformed my definition of the patient-therapist relationship to that of patient-driven, patient-centered value. I have grown to appreciate the individual patient experiences, the patients specific challenges, especially the faith they place in an unknown system and their determination to return to meaningful