Reflective Essay On Race And Ethnicity

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Introduction There are a number of lessons and new things that I learned from the course. One of the interesting things that I learned was the difference between the terms race, ethnicity, heritage and background. From the course, I realized the differences between these words as the course defined a race as that kind of population that is distinguished from the others as a result of its genetically transmitted physical elements ("Handling Race and Ethnicity," n.d.). Consequently, the course defined the term ethnicity as a type of affiliation that has resulted from either some racial or a cultural ties. Additionally, the course defined a heritage as those activities or products that have been passed from the preceding generations while background was defined as the experience that an individual possessed in terms of his or her training or education ("Handling Race and Ethnicity," n.d.). Learning the differences between these terms gave me a good point to start learning more about the course.
I was in a position to learn the importance of using the terms race and ethnicity appropriately without making any negative suggestions that could paint a single race or ethnic group negatively. From this part, I found it interesting to know that there are differences o how people identify
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From the course, it is very clear that people may have the same heritage group yet they look totally different but they are categorized as being from the same ethnic group. As such, the course helped me to learn the different ethnic groups of individuals that included the blacks, the whites, the Asians, the Latinos, the Native Americans, and the others ("Handling Race and Ethnicity," n.d.). The most important thing to take from this exercise is that, people may have variations in their skin tone, eye color, and their hair yet they are considered to be from the same ethnic