Reflective Essay On Rhetorical Devices

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Before entering Writing 10 class, I was unaware that rhetorical analysis has been conceptualize in wrong scenarios and often are often used in everyday lives without anyone noticing. As I learned from the lesson, rhetoric analysis is the way writers and speakers use that create unique languages that fit their needs using: Rhetorical Modes, Styles, Strategies, as well as Devices. In diving these sections into 5 different categories, readers like myself often could spot rhetorical writing in almost all the contextual readings we come across.

By identifying these rhetorical techniques through these five categories, I often find myself being more conscious of seeing how writers are using these strategies to display emotions and often
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This essay has a specific way to write it. I had to careful choose my rhetorical techniques because my main goal of an audience is the public and to be able to convince that audience how my topic is worth reading and the reasons that they should support my ideas. In the essay, I often used rhetorical mode like description, rhetorical style like diction, rhetorical strategy like deductive reasoning and lastly, rhetorical device like pathos. In using some of the techniques that are previous mentioned, I was able to narrow down my topic on the word “Healthy” and able to focus on one type of audience instead of all. In not focusing with all the audience, it was much easier to explicate my ideas and the worthiness for discussions. Although writing this essay was a challenge in the beginning, the reason is because I have never written a definitional essay and it was difficult for me to choose what topic I want to write about healthy and how it is often misuse by society through media platform and even in everyday lives. As my writing process continue to grow, in the end, I was able to overcome my difficulties and create a unique piece of