Reflective Essay On Student Loan

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Receiving the Golden Key Education Debt Reduction Award would be invaluable to me. As a single parent, with the sole responsibility for supporting my daughter and myself, the financial challenges that come with maintaining a stable and suitable household while pursuing my education as a full-time student have forced me to borrow using student loans. Unfortunately, after graduation, securing financial stability to cover the burden of my educational debt has brought added pressure to my current financial situation. Thus, receiving assistance in repaying my student loan debt would help to alleviate some of the financial worries of upholding my household obligations and the inability of securing full-time employment.
In addition to, maintaining
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Without full-time employment keeping up with my financial responsibilities is a struggle. Despite all, I try to live a modest life to provide the necessities for my daughter and myself. Subsequently, not knowing what the future may hold, I have managed to save a small amount in savings to maintain my household just in case my plans did not work out as projected after graduation. However, with the steady rise in the cost of living, such as utilities, groceries, and other necessities, my savings have been depleted. The depletion of my savings and the inability to secure full-time employment has placed a huge financial burden on my current financial situation. Furthermore, despite the hardship and struggle to maintain my financial obligations, receiving this reward to reduce the balance and assist me in repaying my student loans would have a profound and positive impact on my current financial situation. Undoubtedly, becoming a recipient of The Golden Key Education Debt Reduction Award would be an honor and a privilege, it will not only assist in reducing my total debt, reduce my monthly installments, and positively impact my current financial situation in that it will enable me to continue to maintain financial stability of my family without the