Reflective Essay: The Failure Of My Writing

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Everyone wants the highest grade possible in their writings, whether I put effort into doing I am no different. I have found that English 101 isn't that simple. Although I've been a failure I still got up and worked hard on my writing and its structure by using “Grammarly” and my tutor at Franklin High School. Writing is about communicating your thoughts across.
Not organizing before I begin to write creates a loss of continuity and my writing begins to seem careless. However, this is a confusing process because when I thinking of ideas like feelings I jot them down immediately and write whatever comes to mind. The flow of thoughts is so continuous that I am surprised. English 101 was not my favorite class when I started Seattle Central College because I wasn't a very good writer. I always thought I could put all my thoughts to paper but I lacked organizations skills. Despite my dislike towards the subject at first, I am now beginning to fall in love with it. In this class,, I found that I needed to dig deeper and focus on the specifics of what I am talking about.

I believe I have become a better writer. Even though I’m not great, I have improved, which makes me feel
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I was told that it concedes your writing, so that academic voice really taught me to actually think about what I need to and want to say. Its expressing my voice in my writing which I really like. The definition of academic voice is “A common purpose of academic writing is to present a clear position and defend / support it. Your reader wants to see that you have a personal ‘voice’ on your subject and use it successfully to build an academic argument.” This made me think a lot more because of how at first I never used to state my clear position. I was just all over the place which made my writing suck, but now I feel more confident because I grew so much in writing that passed few months while in this English 101