Reflective Essay: The Red Lake Indian Reservation

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The Red Lake Indian reservation, 39% of the residents living there are below the poverty line. I have been there twice on a mission trip to work with the children. It takes the children time to trust someone, but when they do they tell about lives no child should ever suffer through. Being there and hearing the misfortune they are burdened with, what they have to tell you is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever done. One of the most valuable lesson these kids have taught me is to never take what I have for granted. There was about 20 of us in a room waiting in suspense for what Father Jerry was going to tell us. What he was about to tell us is a horror that was surreal we couldn’t believe it. Father Jerry told us about a funeral that had taken place two days before we came. It was a six year old boy who had committed suicide. I was shocked I couldn't imagine living a life that was so unbearable a six year old could live with it. He then proceeded to tell us that most of the children we will be seeing don't have parents due to overdoses. And that 81% of freshman girls consider suicide. I looked around the room and all 20 of us had the same look on our faces, a mix of sadness, unsettle, and shock. After hearing …show more content…
A single child opened my eyes to how unfair the world can be. Every single person on that trip came home with a new perspective on their life. Father Jerry told us that these kids would come and ask him everyday when a church group was going to come play with them, he said without kids like us that multiple of these kids would not live past their teenage years. When I came home, I was so unbelievably thankful for my family and continually having what I needed and accessories, I knew that there was a little girl out there wishing she had the luxuries that I wouldn't even think twice about