Reflective Essay: The Role Of Rhetoric In Politics

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Rhetoric. A word many perceive negatively in reference to politics, yet little do they know, such a small-scale word has numerous definitions in different context or perspectives. As mentioned, it is known to have a bad implication, reason being, candidates tend to use effective persuasive strategies towards the public in order to manipulate their votes. Yet little do people realize the term rhetoric isn’t just associated with bad things. There are many good things that come out of it. I personally perceive rhetoric as an act of communication that demands a response. It is used to manipulate the audience’s point of view in favor of the speaker verbally, visually or through writing.
The term came to life around the 8th century, when sophist
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Ethos, also known as the ethical appeal, is known for highlighting the speaker’s credibility. When someone is trying to influence your buying of something, you expect him or her to show some sort of expertise, whether in vocabulary, solid presentation, attire, or in their way of speaking . The public wouldn’t necessarily want to invest in something where the person presenting it seems to lack certainty. Pathos, on the other hand, appeals to the audience’s possible emotional connection to the topic.. It is used when the speaker is trying to make the audience feel pity of some sort. In advertisements that have to do with asking for financial contributions, or bringing awareness to something The speaker tends to have a very gloomy tone which makes the audience feel something must be done to better the situation presented, causing them to act in the advertisements favor. Logos relates to selling a point using logical facts. Does the speaker ventures off about the product or does he provide facts and statistics to the public? The more evidences and proof presented, the more likely the reader is to believe in what they are