Reflective Essay: Why I Volunteer At A Preschool Class

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Reflective Essay We decided to volunteer at a preschool class and we had the opportunity to lead an activity that included the children getting better practice with their shapes and colors. The kids at the preschool have something similar that they participate in called “circle time” so we decided to take over for a few days and lead their circle time and focused on shapes and circles. By leading this activity we were able to interact with children and kept them engaged. I learned many valuable things from working with children and received great insight from them. I learned that it mainly takes patience to work with kids because their attention spans are very short and they would rather play than learn which is why we had to make the activity fun to engage in and have incentives from time to time, such as games and treats. I also learned to develop long-lasting energy because after we completed the activities …show more content…
I personally can apply what I’ve learned to my future academic or life pursuits because it taught me significant tips that are necessary in a work force such as patience and considering that I volunteer at a childcare center now with younger children it helps me get an idea of what the kids should be prepared for and what exactly they should be learning to prepare them for the higher level schooling. Also the goal was to get the children familiar with us which would allow them to then work with us when trying to teach them their colors and shapes . Another goal was to try and get the kids to cooperate for a fair amount of time because we were previously told by their teachers that the children have a difficult time sitting and cooperating. Luckily, we met both of our goals because the preschoolers were friendly and got familiar with us pretty fast and they also were very cooperating to the point their teachers were actually shocked that they behaved so well for