Reflective Essays: 'The Road Not Taken'

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Reflective Essay
Rice, Matthew
American Literature
During the past few months their were a lot of writings that I had the pleasure of reading and writing about. I enjoyed the class as a whole although I found it difficult to keep reading some of the writings, mainly because I found it hard to keep excited about what would come next. I am a bit of a reader but more of a suspenseful Stephen King kind of guy. With that being said there were a couple of writings that I did enjoy and found a connection with. These connections were found mostly because I realized the importance of choices and interest we should take in our lives. The first writing that I enjoyed was “The Road Not Taken.” This was probably the biggest one I was able to connect with out of everything else. Being that I have never read this poem before I was unsure as to what to expect. Upon reading I realized that this was a poem about reflection and taking a different unknown road. This got me to really think about my career choices and personal choices in life, and how I should have really looked into these choices before picked one simply because it was quicker or easier. Its kind of like using a GPS to find your route after being given directions that could save you time and hassle. Of course we usually use the GPS because it more of a safety net and we assume it will give us the best choice. The end result of all of this though, is realizing how to live with your choices regardless of taking the not so simple path. The second writing was also by Robert frost, “Stopping by the woods on a Snowy Evening. This poem made me think back on my life and realize how