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Assessment Task 1: Final Reflective Journal Entry 1. How do you think the learning in Ethics, Law and Justice has impacted on your future as a reflective and ethical practitioner?

The learning within Ethics, Law and Justice has unexpectedly provided me with numerous aspects of the legal system. Discussions involved in seminars and the required readings have created more depth into the role of ethics and justice in the legal system and legal profession. Prior to taking this subject, I did not completely understand the ethical responsibilities of legal practitioners established by its professional integrity to the court and the fiduciary duty to their clients. This subject has provided an insightful framework where the practical and theoretical skills I have learnt will develop better ethical priorities on my future. The issues that were addressed in seminars have significantly impacted on my future as a reflective and ethical practitioner. Although it would be difficulty to confidently create ethical decisions, I will continue to encourage myself to function at the highest level of profession by ensuring competent and ethical care to clients. Discussing the current issues and reading the relevant information has enabled myself to reflect on my ethical approach as a law student and as a member of the legal profession. Such approaches have assisted myself to be resilient and to be a reflective lifelong learner in the obstacles that I will encounter in the future.

My perspective on ethics has facilitated a stronger understanding as to how lawyers should adhere to the ethical requirements in order to meet the standards of a true profession. Given this, ethics is significant in any profession and I am able to identify the ethical challenges that I have faced daily through my

Student Number: 11689041 70103

social life, work and for the future. I truly value the relevancy of this subject as an integral part to my law degree that has enhanced a clearer awareness of ethics in the following law subjects that I will encounter. Developing skills of reflective practice and ethical decision-­‐making has significantly improved my confidence in law and it will no doubt be applied in any situation. As such, the necessity of learning ethics has improved my ability to sustain the confidence in the administration of justice and within my own moral framework.

2. In your final post, discuss one issue that we looked at this semester. How you would respond to the issue as reflective and ethical practitioner?

The adversarial nature of law inevitably creates ethical concern for legal