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PSY 2012

April 11th, 2011


The journey through this class has given me the opportunity to reflect on my things that has affected and is still affecting my life. I came to realize that some of the things we took for granted to be normal are in deed considered a disorder, and there are ways to resolve them and live a healthy life. Having acknowledged some of the issues that was considered to be normal yet proved to be abnormal behavior I have made major adjustments to my life and they have proven to be successful and I will continue to implement them in my life. Areas such as, getting a good nights sleep, decision making and problem solving, parenting styles and the wonderful world of stress. Stress is any reaction to physiological or psychological events or unusual situations. Our body accepts these situations as danger to our immunity and life. A long lasting stress exhausts our immunity, which eventually leads to death. Surplus of stress hormones steroids in my body has placed stress on my immune, endocrine, and nervous system which caused decrease brain work and as a result my entire body was suffering. To avoid my stressful lifestyle, I have learnt how to deal and cope with stress to improve my health. Some of the techniques I have been practicing are being more organized, the most important technique was taking time for me to meditate and relax. Sleep was viewed to me as effectively a waste of time. I have come to realize that