Reflective Practice Theory Essays

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1.0 Introduction
The concept of this reflective journal has led to my self-examination and reflecting back on the journey of exploring the different methods used in conducting business research. While doing so, I have brought myself into a realm in which the role of values in the research process becomes a topic of self-examination and issues that revolve around such concerns do indeed effect my development in many areas on a personal, academic, and professional level.

2.0 Learning experiences
Prior to the start of the literature review assignment, it never crossed my mind that there are critical steps to follow in order to get it done properly. The review was one of my first encounters leading to a solid understanding of the purpose
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By training my focus level when completing any assignment has also not only increased my level of efficiency but it has made me become a more resourceful individual altogether.

2.5 Learning experience in relation to professional development Professionally, I have gained much from undertaking these assignments and taking the course. Through sound knowledge and being able to conduct research the right way, for one has definitely kept me more competitive. Although the application of these research and report writing skills may not bring about tangible benefits right away, by having these soft skills, it may always come in handy and become useful in my future tasks at work. To elaborate further, the correct usage of business language in any communication materials has proven its advantage in assisting information to be interpreted accurately by the receiving party. As such, through the use of good writing, I am able to better communicate my thoughts to my co-workers and suppliers. This has brought about more convenience and time-saving to my daily operations. And these counterparts that I communicate with have also become more appreciative that I am also sensitive to their needs by making things easier for them though putting more