Essay on Reflective Practice in Oncology Nursing

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Name of Programme:
BSc (Hons) Nursing

Student Name: Siti Aminah Ariffin
Student Number: J9168783

Name of Module
Acute Medical Care management

Module Code:
SDH 3010-N

Module leader:
Leslie Inayatullah

Assignment title Reflective Essay

Date of submission
10th September 2010

Word count: 3485 words

Nursing as a profession is committed to the care of patients and families throughout health and illness and across all setting of care. Nurses assess and plan care to deal with the multidimensional range of needs for those faced with cancer. Nurses have been integrally concerned in efforts focused on cancer prevention, and they also are essential in the emerging area of clinical heredity for prevention and early
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Our staff especially staff nurses with post basic oncology trained will take turn to give their case presentation and sharing their experiences two weekly in our department; the participant I always encourage ward nurses and other health care provider including hospital aid, housekeeping, nurses at home (staff that provide home nursing) . Somehow, my unit daily routine not only cater patient for chemotherapy but we have done a few procedure that related to cancer patients like bone marrow aspiration, blood product transfusion, lumbar puncture, paracentesis, bladder instillation, wound dressing, and chemoport flushing for maintenance.
All nurses should work together with other health care professionals and the public in promoting community, national, and international efforts to meet health needs Langhorne (2007, p650). My objective here is want to see all my colleague and other health care provider able to perform better in their clinical skill and more concern about patients needs and care pre, during, and after treatment. By the way patients will meet their expectation and satisfaction for