Reflective Reflection

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Throughout embedded formative assessment, William addresses the need in schools today for changes and alternative thinking, such as and. According to William, formative assessment is. In other words, . Furthermore, something that seems to be of high priority when discussing alternative thinking is the involvement of the students to a higher degree. Apparently, studies have shown that even though the reason for it might not yet have been entirely concluded, there appears to be a correlation between a higher degree of involvement from the students and their learning levels (p.). Therefore, in this reflection I aim to reflect Williams’s view of student involvement in school, and compare his views with my experiences and empirical
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158). Additionally, along with the statement that the usage of student self-assessment (having the students analyzing their own learning process) leads to improved achievements in the classroom, it is also suggested that the students’ achievements in school increase with the level of participation (William, 2011). Although there hasn’t yet been fully established exactly how, student self-assessment improves learning (William, 2011). Hence, one might conclude that William argues for a studying environment where learners are activated as observers of their own learning, together with a studying environment where learners are instructed to manage their own learning. As a result, an increase of student self-assessment in school seems to lead to higher achievements by the …show more content…
For instance, one technique that is brought up is the usage of a “learning portfolio”, where the students are meant to collect their work (William, 2011). A learning portfolio might function as a means to assess the students instead of only having summative tests or exams. However, it is important to bear in mind to use the portfolio as a display of process instead of what might be interpreted as a “performance portfolio” (William, 2011). The reason for this is to prioritize development and display the students’ improvement to themselves. Likewise, or the learners to see their own development might add to their motivation and will to continue to work towards their goals. Also, seeing how development has been made, the students may also realize the possibility of developing even further (William,