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Reflective Statements of Berger’s chapter “The Gaze”

The structure of this article is very clear, and my group and I divided it into 3 parts. At first, the author analyses about the differences between men and women. Then the author uses the example of paintings to prove the point of his main idea. And the last part is the conclusion. A very interesting thing is that boys didn't really get the point of this article at the beginning. They didn't understand why the author uses the examples of paintings. What`s the point of those paintings that have naked women in them? I got the answer from the second part of the article. The author says that women display themselves to men, and that`s the way they go through to realize and express their own values. Why should women do that? Because on certain levels, women see men as their gods, their masters, and their bosses. Then you can see how unfair it is. Everybody is human being, so why men can define themselves but women can't? Women are considered as objects. Men give them values according to their exterior aspects. But at the same time, women get to know, to consider themselves by the reflections of other objects and men. “Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.” Women have self-awareness more than men; they are always shameful, sensitive and rational. They care about what people think. What they think of me then will be what represents me that exist in this society. Mirrors to women are necessary because